I don't know why it is but it seems to me everybody - Democrats, Republicans and the national media - are avoiding Ron Paul. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

I know the conventional wisdom; he's a long shot and not popular with the party powerful. But, the fact is this guy came in second in Iowa and that ought to be worth some attention.

I'm not saying he has the answers or that he is my guy, just that he and the late Sen. Paul Tsongas prove again that the two parties seem more alike than they claim to be.

Tsongas hailed from Massachusetts, and was a rare Massachusetts conservative Democrat. Like Paul, he was a gadfly, always talking about the dangers of the deficit and the need for fundamental change.

If anyone thinks the words 'government' and 'efficiency 'belong in the same sentence, we have counseling available, Tsongas told Time Magazine in 1992.

Fellow Democrats accused him of advocating Reaganomics.

Tsongas got no respect. While independents liked him, Democrats did not.

He ran for president in 1992, skipped Iowa and won the most votes and delegates in New Hampshire, but ultimately lost to Bill Clinton.

Now it's the Republicans and Paul.

For years he warned about spending, the deficit and unbalanced budgets. Now, they've all taken up his economic song and pushed him from the spotlight.

Paul probably won't win, but his treatment, and that of Tsongas, prove again that no matter what you hear, it's not ideas or policy that matter most on politics, it's money, glamor and media attention, and that goes for both parties.

As the old saying goes, same circus, different clowns.

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