BURLESON - When a youth baseball coach in Burleson shoved an umpire in the face, the video made parents cringe.

Now, News 8 has learned that the incident was one of two coach-involved fights on the same field on the same day.

The video from the first fight News 8 reported on showed an umpire ejecting a coach at an 8-year-old's baseball game, at Chisenhall Park in Burleson. The coach shoved the umpire in the face and then marched after him, shouting obscenities.

News 8 obtained the 911 call from the incident.

Yeah, 911, we're over here at Chisenhall Park, said the person who made the call from the game. We've got another incident over here with an umpire and a coach.

During two previous News 8 reports about the videoed fight, neither the City of Burleson nor the Pony Elite Baseball League mentioned anything about another coach-involved fight. But, there was a fight two hours earlier.

While there was no video, News 8 also obtained the 911 call from that incident.

Hey, I need someone out here real quick, said a league official when calling 911.

Sir, where are you at? asked the dispatcher.

Chisenhall Park, the official said. The guy's in a red shirt. I'm going to follow him to his car where I can give you his driver's license number.

Sources said the threatening coach was an assistant and that the head coach insisted that he did not know his own assistant coach s name when asked.

What's going on there, sir? asked the dispatcher.

A coach has been ejected, the official said. Then he threatened the refs and he just threatened me.

Burleson police said they do not recall any 911 calls to the ball fields before. With two in one day, they hope it's a long while before they get any more.


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