DALLAS - Dallas Police Chief David Brown called the Mavericks victory parade a huge success with only a few small problems.

A couple of hours before the parade, the Dallas Police Department seemed a little surprised by the number of people showing up early along the parade route. They had to push people back and call for more barricades.

But, a strong show of force kept people in places. Brown said the key to success was getting officers to hot spots quickly.

It starts small, so if you can get involved and intervene early it prevents things from escalating, he said.

The biggest problem officers faced was the crowd size. People were clamoring to get a good view. About 20 people hopped on top of a police car that was stranded in the crowd. People even stood on top of the lights.

There were also several arrests. Police hauled off at least three people to jail.

But, overall, Brown said the department's security plan was a success.

If I could write the headlines for this, 'First class,' he said. [It was a] first class event, first class basketball team, first class city.

On top of it all, police still responded to nearly 2,000 calls in other areas of the city with no interruption in service. The chief praised all officers at the parade and on regular duty.

They did an outstanding job and I'm extremely proud of the officers involved, he said.

Brown said the department has learned from the good, the bad and the ugly parade experiences from the past. They planned for the worst but got the best.

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