DALLAS Two days after winning their first NBA championship, the Mavericks reemerged one-by-one to talk about the most successful season in team history.

Mavericks guard Jason Terry showed up wearing a robe and dark glasses.

Well two years ago, coach (Rick) Carlisle took my robe from me, and they gave it back to me this morning, Terry said. It's special because it has the championship logo on it. It just goes with the feeling, man!

The Mavericks have already picked up the championship trophy. The parade will take place on Thursday. After that, it'll be time to order those championship rings, right?

Well, maybe not.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says that rings are old school, but for the rest of the guys, not so much. Cuban was quoted on NBA TV saying: Rings are done. It's time to take it to the next level.

Well I mean, it's got to be rings, said Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle. I don't know what he's thinking, he said with a smile. If you re going to win an NBA championship, you've got have a ring. Now if he wants to give guys something else besides a ring, that's great, but if you're asking my opinion, I ll give it to you.

I'm old fashioned, Mavericks guard Jason Kidd said as reporters laughed. But he is the boss, and hopefully we can sit at a round table and discuss it and everybody will be happy by the end of the day.

Mavericks guard J.J. Barea sounded worried. I don't know, he's making me nervous with that, he said with a smile. He may be talking and stuff, but as a player you want a ring. You want to keep it the same way, so we'll see what happens. But he knows that he's got to give us a ring and then if he wants to do something special, he's got to give us the other thing, too.

Yeah, well, we've got to talk to him about that, Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki added. I don't think the last word has been spoken yet. He always wants to do something different and wants to do something bigger, but I meant the ring is just so classic. Ah, I think I would vote for a ring. I mean, I m a man. I don't know how I would feel about a bracelet.

As you can tell, all of the Mavericks want a championship ring. After all, they earned it.

As for Terry; it should go well with his robe as well.


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