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9:13a A body was found among debris from the storms in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas. Authorities say it appears his death may have been from electrocution, but there has not been an official cause of death released. (WFAA)

8am An Irving police officer was hospitalized in good condition after being
struck by lightning while placing flares along a road. (Associated Press)

6:50a Dozens of cars had major hail damage, including broken windows and large dents, at the Woodland Hills Apartments off Belt Line Road. (WFAA)

6:42a American Airlines and American Eagle have had 309 cancellations so far today out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. There are 62 American Airlines and 16 American Eagle aircraft out of service for hail damage inspections. (WFAA)

6:30a Two Irving schools have announced delayed openings due to power loss. Lamar Middle School opens at noon, buses will run at 11 a.m. Lee Britain Elementary opens at 10 a.m., buses will run at 9 a.m. At Irving High School, the roof of the gymnasium was blown off and thrown into the practice field. Three other schools had damage, including broken skylights. (WFAA)

1:31a Savage thunderstorms packing large hail and damaging winds, including tornadoes, lashed North Texas on Tuesday afternoon and evening, causing widespread damage.

Only daylight Wednesday will make the extent and severity of the damage clear, said Fort Worth city spokesman Jason Lamers. It's been really difficult to get a grasp of the damage at night, he said.

There were no reports of injuries, however, and initial reports suggested the damage from tornadoes and other winds was largely confined to roofs, trees and lawn furniture and play equipment, he said.

The hail was probably more destructive, said Steve Fano, National Weather Service meteorologist in Fort Worth.

Storm sirens sounded across the Dallas-Fort Worth area and areas to the north and northwest as storm spotters observed a profusion of funnel clouds. Few of them touched ground, however, and the ones that did, did so only briefly.

Hail up to the size of baseballs damaged cars and windows as darkness settled over the area. At least one report of a softball-size hailstone was received from the Dallas area Tuesday night, Fano said.

Travelers and staff at the two major North Texas airports were moved to safety as the worst of the weather threat crossed moved into the area about 8 p.m. Tuesday. (AP)


11:39p The game between the Chicago White Sox and Texas Rangers has resumed after a rain delay of 2 hours, 58 minutes. The White Sox were leading 4-2 in the bottom of the fourth inning. |LIVE GAMEVIEW|

11:21p A tornado warning has just been issued for Kaufman County until 11:45 p.m. Trained weather observers have spotted a tornado four miles north of Post Oak Bend City near Kaufman. Take cover immediately if you are in the vicinity of this storm. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

11:03p Violent thunderstorms roared across middle America on Tuesday, killing seven people in two states, with several tornadoes touching down in Oklahoma and high winds pounding rural Kansas. The high-powered storms arrived as forecast, just two days after a massive tornado tore through the southwest Missouri town of Joplin and killed 122 people. Several tornadoes struck Oklahoma City and its suburbs during rush hour, killing at least five people and injuring at least 60 others, including three children who were in critical condition, authorities said. |WATCH VIDEO| (AP)

10:13p The tornado warning has now been canceled for Dallas County. (National Weather Service)

10:12p Near Saginaw, we observed a few fences, trees and a swing set toppled by high wind. There was no funnel clouds or anything, just the high winds, said Saginaw resident Lauren Rohloff. The worst damage may be to the cars and trucks caught in the storm out on streets and highways. Some vehicles took cover under an overpass to stay out of the way of racquetball-size hail. We observed a rotating wall cloud near Texas Motor Speedway, but it never developed into a funnel cloud. Damage reports are still coming in, but right now it looks like hail and high wind caused most of the problems. |WATCH VIDEO| (Casey Norton reporting from Saginaw).

10:10p We have had golf ball-size hail, heavy rain and evacuations here at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Thousands of spectators were first moved out of the upper deck; then as many as possible were moved to more secure locations under the stands. A few fans actually took shelter in the Rangers' dugout. The game between Texas and the Chicago White Sox is still on hold at this hour. |WATCH VIDEO| (Craig Civale in Arlington)

10:09p In Azle, part of the awning over the gas pumps at a convenience store was ripped away by high winds. |WATCH VIDEO| (WFAA)

10:03p We are getting confirmed reports of hail the size of softballs southwest of Seagoville. (WFAA)

10p There are two systems we are watching at this moment. One is now moving out of Dallas County; there was a report of a touchdown in an uninhabited corner of southeast Dallas County. The storm is moving to the east-southeast from Combine. The other system I am concerned about shows a line of storms from Fannin County through Grayson, Denton, Dallas, Tarrant and Parker counties, again moving to the east-southeast at 35-40 mph. Residents of Carrollton, Allen, Arlington, Plano, Irving, Richardson, Dallas, Garland, Duncanville, Rockwall, DeSoto, Greenvile, Mesquite and Hutchins are all in the path of this second storm, which is starting to intensify. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus and meteorologist Steve McCauley)

9:53p DART says the Trinity Railway Express is now resuming regular service between Fort Worth and Dallas, but DART's light rail network will continue to experience delays due to local power outages. (WFAA)

9:51p The National Weather Service has just extended the tornado watch in most of North Texas through midnight Tuesday. (WFAA)

9:48p A funnel cloud is reported near the high school in Lancaster. (WFAA)

9:43p The National Weather Service has issued a TORNADO WARNING for Dallas, Hunt, Kaufman, Rockwall, Rains and Van Zandt counties until 10:30 p.m. Doppler radar is detecting a developing tornado in southern Dallas County near Duncanville. The storm is moving to the east at 40 mph and is capable of producing hail larger than baseballs. You need to take cover immediately if you live in Balch Springs, Seagoville, Combine and Crandall. We also have a gas leak at Rufe Snow Drive and Loop 820 in North Richland Hills, where there appears to be wind damage and a power outage. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

9:36p Another line of thunderstorms is moving in behind the current storm system in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We've had several reports of roof damage, power lines down and the power outages that result. There are no reports of injuries in North Texas. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

9:27p We can see damage on the ground in a parking lot at Loop 820 and Rufe Snow Drive in North Richland Hills. (WFAA)

9:19p Large hail is now falling at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington as thousands of fans are scrambling for cover. There are some reports of baseball size hail in the Arlington area, although it is golf ball size hail right now. The fans were first brought down from the upper decks and the field is totally covered in hail. Shelter areas at the Ballpark are now full, with some fans taking shelter in the dugouts. (Craig Civale reporting from Arlington)

9:16p Sirens are going off at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and fans are being moved to locations underneath the stands for protection. The storms are moving east at 30 mph. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

9:06p Funnel clouds have been reported across North Texas this evening, but I have not yet seen any reports of significant damage as a result. Lightning continues to be vivid in downtown Dallas along with heavy rain. A thunderstorm getting ready to move into Arlington has baseball size hail -- and it's headed for Rangers Ballpark. In the next couple of minutes, the hail will start to fall, th e rain will pick up in intensity. Dallas, Kaufman and Rockwall counties are under a tornado warning until 9:45 p.m. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

8:56p We are getting reports of a rotating wall cloud in southern Fort Worth. We certainly have several intense thunderstorms. They have been generating very large hail. The tornado warning for Collin County is no longer in effect. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

8:48p We have video of a rope tornado just to the south of Denton. It did not appear to be a very powerful tornado. Large hail is possible at the Ballpark in Arlington as well as in downtown Dallas. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

8:45p DART says bus and rail passengers can expect delays as severe weather moves through the region. Service on the Trinity Railway Express has been temporarily suspended. (WFAA)

8:33p We've had a report of a brief tornado in Irving. We're getting numerous reports of golf ball size hail. Downtown Dallas is about ready to get hammered by this storm. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has removed passengers from jets and is sheltering them inside the terminal. The entire upper deck at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington has been evacuated. Two strong thunderstorms in the area are getting ready to merge. The storm is capable of producing hail up to baseball size. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

8:19p Casey Norton, in far north Fort Worth, reports a lot of rising scud clouds, pulsating and lowering. There is clearing to the west. There is some rotation on the west side of Fort Worth near White Settlement. Winds up to 80 mph are associated with this storm now moving across northern Dallas County and making a slight turn to the south. It will clip Richardson and then take aim at downtown Dallas. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

8:14p Storm spotters and doppler radar observed a tornado capable of producing large damaging hail up to baseball size. This tornado was located near Bedford, moving east at 40 mph. This is an extremely dangerous situation. Seek shelter immediately in northeast Tarrant and western Dallas counties. A tornado has been confirmed. The tornado will be near Irving, Coppell and Grand Prairie around 8:25 p.m.; Highland Park, Dallas and University Park around 8:45 p.m. This tornado may be obscured by rain. If you wait until the tornado is visible before taking cover it will be too late. Seek shelter now. (National Weather Service)

8:09p Collin County is now under a TORNADO WARNING until 8:45 p.m. A supercell thunderstorm is starting to hook just to the north of downtown Fort Worth with very strong rotation around Haltom City and the H-E-B areas. This thunderstorm is moving east at around 40 mph; Bedford, Euless, D/FW Airport, Irving, University Park, Dallas and Richardson are all in its path. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

8:07p There is a preliminary report of confirmed damage between Azle and Springtown. (WFAA)

8:04p There is a report of extensive home damage in Saginaw. (WFAA)

8:01p There may be a tornado on the ground in northern Tarrant County near Keller. The circulation is approaching Interstate 35W. Damage in Azle is reported due to a possible tornado. There are reports of damage in Avondale in northern Tarrant County. The upper deck at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is being evacuated due to potential storm danger. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

7:49p A TORNADO WARNING has been issued for Tarrant and Parker counties until 8:15 p.m. A tornado may be on the ground near Saginaw. The Argyle Fire Department is reporting a funnel cloud with rotation at Interstate 35W and 407. We have a very dynamic situation in northern Tarrant and southern Denton counties. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

7:41p A tornado is reported on the ground near Azle. (WFAA)

7:37p We're getting reports of 1.5-inch hail in northeastern Parker County and 1-inch hail in northwestern Tarrant County as a powerful storm moves toward the northeast. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

7:35p The National Weather Service has issued a TORNADO WARNING for eastern Cooke County and western Grayson County until 8:15 p.m. At 7:33 p.m., National Weather Service meteorologists detected a developing tornado 5 miles west of Valley View moving east at 45 mph. This dangerous storm is also capable of producing baseball-sized hail. (National WeatherService)

7:26p A TORNADO WARNING has been issued for Denton and Wise counties until 7:45 p.m. We're having numerous reports of golf ball-size hail three miles north of Springtown in northeastern Parker County. The storm will clip the northeastern corner of Tarrant County and is moving toward Denton County. We are not seeing a wall cloud or a rotating wall cloud in video from HD Chopper 8, but the storm is continuing to produce very heavy rain, hail and high wind. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

7:16p Tornado warnings continue for the nest 29 minutes in three counties: Parker, Wise and Cooke. Softball size hail cannot be ruled out along with high wind and heavy rain. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

7:11p At least seven deaths are now confirmed by the Oklahoma medical examiner's office after tornadoes hit this afternoon in the Oklahoma City area. (AP)

7:07p A TORNADO WARNING is expected to be issued for northern Parker County until 7:45 p.m. I don't have any reports of funnel clouds on the ground, but they are a possibility. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

7:02p The National Weather Service has issued a TORNADO WARNING for Wise County and Cooke County until 7:45 p.m.(National WeatherService)

6:44p Two people were killed and three children were critically injured Tuesday when a series of tornadoes rolled through Oklahoma City and its suburbs during the rush hour, authorities said. Canadian County emergency director Jerry Smith said two people died when the storm hit El Reno and Piedmont in his county just west of Oklahoma City. He did not have details of how the people died. Two storms raked the southern side of the city in the same area hit May 3, 1999, by the strongest tornado ever recorded. (AP)

6:26p We will be watching for additional thunderstorm development this evening. The storm that produced a funnel cloud in Cooke and Montague counties has now crossed the Red River into Oklahoma. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

6:22p The National Weather Service has issued a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for... Denton County and northern Tarrant County until 7:15 p.m. At 6:19 p.m., National Weather Service meteorologists detected a severe thunderstorm capable of producing golf ball-size hail and damaging winds in excess of 60 mph. This storm was located near Haslet and was moving northeast at 35 mph. (National Weather Service)

6:20p Weather watcher Andrew Calvert said a low-precipitation supercell moved through the Eagle Mountain Lake area shortly after 6 p.m., dropping half dollar-size hail. He reported 30-45 mph wind gusts, but no damage. (WFAA)

6:18p A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING remains in effect until 6:30 p.m. for southeastern Wise and northern Tarrant counties. At 6:10 p.m., National Weather Service meteorologists detected a severe thunderstorm capable of producing quarter-size hail and damaging winds in excess of 60 mph. This storm was located near Eagle Mountain Lake, moving east at 50 mph. Penny-size hail was reported near Eagle Mountain Lake. (National Weather Service)

6:15p The tornado warning for Cooke County has now expired. (National Weather Service)

6:08p An emergency worker reports two killed after a tornado touched down in an Oklahoma City suburb. (AP)

6:04p The tornado warning for Montague County has been canceled; a tornado warning remains in effect for Cooke County until 6:15 p.m. (National Weather Service)

6:01p Storm chaser Dean Romans reports a small funnel cloud near Muenster in western Cooke County. I saw a little bit of debris up off the ground, he said. It was down there for about 20 seconds and then it came back up. (WFAA)

5:54p A funnel cloud has been spotted is moving to the northeast at 55 mph in the area northwest of Gainesville in northern Cooke County. An intensifying thunderstorm in Parker County is closing in on Azle on the Tarrant County line. That storm is scheduled to arrive in Keller at 6:14 and at Grapevine Lake at 6:32 p.m. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

5:40p The National Weather Service has issued a TORNADO WARNING for Cooke County and eastern Montague County until 6:15 p.m. At 5:35 p.m., National Weather Service meteorologists detected a developing tornado 5 miles northwest of Forestburg moving northeast at 55 mph. Doppler radar also indicated that this storm is capable of producing baseball sized hail. (National Weather Service)

5:32p The tornado in Oklahoma City late this afternoon was on the ground for more than an hour, giving forecasters plenty of time to warn residents. As it progressed eastward, it threatened Oklahoma City's northern neighborhoods and suburbs. Interstate 40 was closed west of the city as the storm crossed the highway near suburban El Reno, and state police were checking reports of damage at a home. (AP)

5:30p Authorities say the death toll from the tornado in Joplin, Missouri now stands at 122 with more than 750 people injured. The National Weather Service has also raised the intensity of the tornado from an EF-4 to an EF-5, the highest level on its scale, with winds higher than 200 mph. (AP)

5:28p The National Weather Service has issued a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for northern Parker County, northern Tarrant County and Wise County until 6:30 p.m. At 5:23 p.m., National Weather Service meteorologists detected a severe thunderstorm capable of producing large damaging hail up to golf ball size. This storm was located 7 miles west of Weatherford and was moving east at 50 mph. This supercell has exhibited signs of splitting; the northern portion of the storm is expected to move north into Wise County. (National Weather Service)

5:19p The most intense thunderstorm in our area right now is in Parker County near Weatherford and Mineral Wells. Our weather watcher on the ground says he sees a wall cloud, but no rotation. The storm is moving east-northeast at about 35 mph. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

5:12p A broad tornado has blown through the Oklahoma City metropolitan area at the start of evening rush hour. State offices and a number of businesses let their workers go home hours earlier so they could be out of harm's way. There were no immediate reports of significant injuries. (AP)

5:01p Severe thunderstorm warnings are issued for Montague County until 5:45 p.m. and for Parker and Palo Pinto counties until 5:30. There is golf ball size hail or larger reported with these storms along with 60-70 mph winds. (Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus)

4:52p A severe weather threat continues across Central Oklahoma and North Central Texas. Supercells capable of producing strong to violent tornadoes and very large hail will likely affect the Dallas-Fort worth and Oklahoma City metro areas between 5 and 7 p.m. Tuesday. The greatest threat currently appears across central and south-central Oklahoma. (National Weather Service)

4:44p At least one tornado has touched down in western Oklahoma, and a city employee says it has damaged trailers with people inside. The National Weather Service reported the tornado touched down Tuesday afternoon about two miles north of Canton. Canton city employee Linda Hisell says police reported a twister moved through the area around Canton Lake, about 70 miles northwest of Oklahoma City. Hisell says police reported that some people were inside. (AP)

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