LANCASTER Jordan Missionary Baptist Church in Lancaster is now only a shell of what it once was. High winds from the overnight storm ripped the roof of the sanctuary from its rafters, scattering it across the parking lot and into a nearby apartment complex.

There's a lot of memories... a lot of heartfelt memories in this church, said church member Debra Dickerson.

Kenneth Andrews, a relative of the congregation's founding pastor, stared in dismay and disbelief as he walked through what was left behind.

Only the walls remained standing. Debris from the roof littered across the pews, with rafters and light fixtures exposed to the heavens above.

I never seen nothing like this, no I haven't, sir, Andrews said. Not it the history of my life have I seen anything like this.

My thought was, my God... thank God we wasn't in there, said church deacon Lester Allen.

A slogan on the sign outside the church reads: The only hope for inch-deep faith is a ton of Bible. And a strong faith is evident in the church leaders and members that we talked with on Monday.

We are not going to let us get this down; we're not going to let this tear us down, Dickerson pledged. We are going to be stronger than ever.

Even right now, it seem bad to some, but God can turn a disaster into goodness, Andrews added, with this promise: Jordan will be rebuilt.


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