You've probably heard that if there is a government shutdown, our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan will not get their pay on time. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

It makes me ill to think about it - troops under fire and told their money won't be there because of fighting in Washington.

Maybe the politicians can convince the Taliban to shoot blanks or take a holiday until they can work it out.

Shutdown supporters say it's a matter of principle.

That's noble. You know what, so is the contract we have with our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. They answer our call and put their lives on the line. They don't have to worry about getting the money to pay their bills and feed their families.

When those Wall Street fat cats and fast talkers nearly brought down the country when General Motors needed help and the wealthy wanted a tax break extension, they moved heaven and earth in D.C. to make it happen.

Somehow, they can't come up with a way to pay fighting men and women on time even though the president and the Congress will get their money.

The comedian Jackie Mason used to say, If you really want to get rid of the deficit, end congressional and presidential salaries and put them on commission.

That won't happen. But, perhaps if they weren't paid until they came up with a budget or until everybody else got paid, we might have a little more of their attention.

My thoughts, tell me yours:

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