DALLAS There are more legal problems for Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Bryant is now facing a second lawsuit for non-payment and now a landlord says the player owes him money, too.

Bryant is accused of owing a total of more than $800,000.

In recent weeks, Bryant has come under fire for his actions, including an incident in which he was kicked out of NorthPark Center by Dallas Police.

The latest lawsuit alleges that Bryant took jewelery, tickets and got personal loans via his advisor David Wells for a total of $600,000 from Eleow Hunt, a Colleyville jeweler and ticket broker.

This all began when Bryant was about to become a junior at Oklahoma State University. His actions could be in violation of NCAA rules that prohibit a player from accepting gifts.

The Dallas Morning News has confirmed that Oklahoma State's compliance department has requested the NCAA investigate all of this to determine if Bryant or anyone at Oklahoma State violated the rules for amateur athletes.

According to the lawsuit, Bryant was supposed to reimburse Hunt for all the borrowed money when he signed with NFL or got a promotional contract. Hunt says he never got his money.

One of the items Bryant received, according to the lawsuit, is a custom Cartier diamond watch.

Bryant was already in trouble with the NCAA when he lied about having lunch with former Cowboys player Deion Sanders. Bryant was suspended for the remainder of the 2009 season.

On top of all this, The Dallas Morning News is now reporting that Bryant was sued last January for failing to pay his landlord in Stillwater, Oklahoma for nearly $3,500 in rent. The property manager said Bryant won't return their calls.

Bryant also faces a lawsuit filed by a New York company that said Bryant owes them for more than $240,000 in jewelry.

Bryant is remaining silent for now.


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