DALLAS- It was meant as a simple history lesson, but a class trip to the Dallas Holocaust Museum turned into something much more personal for one local teacher.

Tony Corso hopes to inspire the next generation.

I thought, these survivors aren't going to be around much longer, and I contacted the museum, and said if you ever need somebody to come down and do some pictures, I'd be happy to, said Corso. Next thing I know, here we are with this full-blown photo exhibit I never saw coming.

Corso is a teacher at Prairiland Junior High. He took his 7th grade class on a field trip to the Dallas Holocaust Museum, but this tour was personal.

What makes this visit a little bit different today is these pictures are the pictures I took, Corso said.

Corso spent six months getting to know holocaust survivors living in the Dallas area.

Each story is unique, but one woman's account really struck a chord.

She began sharing with us her own personal experience of the boxcars, Corso said. The German shepherds barking, the Nazi soldiers with their guns and then watching her parents go one way, to the gas chambers and she was ushered into another line.

Corso wanted students to learn more than a history lesson. He wanted to change the way they view bullying today by saying the holocaust started with Jews being bullied in Germany.

His second sidebar tragedy of the holocaust was how so many people did absolutely nothing to help.

I said okay, so now you're in the cafeteria, and you see somebody picking on somebody or making fun of somebody, you may feel justified that you didn't have any part in that, but why didn't you step up and intervene? Corso said And so it makes a great application lesson.

The teacher said the biggest lesson for him was not in the stories, but in the people.

These survivors are really not victims, they're victors, Corso said. They uh, they've gone on to live very fulfilling lives. I don't know how many times a week I go yeah, I could've been in a concentration camp, I think I can get through this week.


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