DALLAS A community already working to fight prostitution is waging a new battle against something they believe could jeopardize the progress they've already made plans for an adult video and book store.

The sexually-oriented business is now under construction on a site at Interstate 20 and Bonnie View Road, an area where dallas police have been working hard to cut down on prostitution and crime.

The business has a legal right to exist, but that hasn't stopped residents from trying to keep it from opening.

Frustrated residents, City Council member Tennell Atkins and Dallas police met Tuesday night to coordinate their assault against the 24-hour adult book and video store.

We do not want that in our community, said Highland Hills resident Clara McDade.

She and others say the shop is too close to their homes and schools. Even police are worried about the problems it could bring.

All of you have a reason to be concerned about the sexually-oriented business getting up and running out here, said Sgt. Louis Felini.

In 2007, Dallas police started a prostitution diversion program at nearby truck stops. They said it has helped cut down on crime by nearly 60 percent. Police say the adult video shop could hurt that progess.

Now you have a central location where prostitutes know that these drivers are going to be coming to take in a peep show or watch videos, Sgt. Felini said. It's going to be a whole different element out here.

But city officials concede that the owner of the property a company based in Oklahoma legally received the permits required to build a sexually-oriented business back in 2006.

That leaves residents for now with little more than their feelings and voices to fight it.

Yes, they have a right to be there, but we don't want them here, McDade said. We're going to do everything we can to keep that store from coming into our community.


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