For many, hot wings are a staple Super Bowl Sunday. They are spicy, messy and addictive.

Hooters will sell more than two million of wings Super Bowl Sunday. In years past, Super Bowl sales in Texas alone were pretty good.

We think we could have put one wing in every seat of Texas stadium on Super Bowl Sunday and filled it, said Jami Gray, Hooters.

This year, double that, and then some. The love of wings is not necessarily good for the waistline. Ten hot wings are nearly 900 calories and 62 grams of fat. That does not matter to those who love the taste.

Hooters organizers are worried about not having enough wings to go around.

We're having trucks at other locations with just wings in a freezer, Gray said. In a cooler truck, and we can just ship them everywhere we need to go.

The company and fans do not want to run out of wings during the game.


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