ARLINGTON Tuesday was Super Bowl media day at Cowboys Stadium, one of the biggest days of the week leading up to the biggest game of the year.

Under the sports arena's giant dome, it's the one event the weather couldn't mess up.

Amazingly, both the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers along with thousands of members of the news media made it to venue to play around with the players.

Once inside, it seems that everyone is jockeying for attention!

The first thing a media day novice learns is, you've got to do a lot of waiting for the big-name players. It's hard to get close.

Their answers are polished, almost rehearsed.

As a child, you dream about playing for a home team, said Packers wide receiver Donald Driver. Good thing I get to play in my home state.

But then you have folks like Steelers cornerback Willie Gay, walking around the turf and doing some self-promotion.

See, I'm trying to get over and get an interview before they shut it down, he said.

There are a lot of reporters who think they're big time, often upstaging the players.

It's a lot like a carnival here; we even caught Steelers running back Frank Summers eating a box of chocolates.

I'm going to work it off later today, he advised, but shared a piece with a hard-working News 8 reporter.

Sure, the players complained about the snow, but they were definitely impressed by the stadium. Many realize they may never again be a part of anything like this.

Some of the players said they're already been hitting up the town for some extracurricular fun. They were tight-lipped about where.


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