DALLAS Security for Super Bowl XLV is being carefully coordinated among dozens of agencies.

Late Monday afternoon, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano arrived in North Texas to get a personal briefing.

There is a simple motto being used for the complex task of securing the nation's biggest sporting event: If you see something, say something.

The team in charge of making sure everything goes off without a hitch includes tens of thousands of police and private security officers, who will supervise extensive checks on every piece of cargo and every person entering Cowboys Stadium.

Only the smallest of packages or a purse could come in, said NFL security chief Milt Ahlerick. All will be subject to a check.

Going to the Super Bowl on Sunday? The NFL is asking you not to bring any electronic devices to the game. The league has prohibited camcorders. Small still cameras with lenses less than 6 inches long and binoculars are permitted, but camera and binocular bags are taboo. And backpacks or coolers of any size will not be allowed in.

Any items that are rejected will not be held for ticket-holders; there is no bag check available.

Inspections at the game will be similar to the ones you see at the airport, where security will also be tightened this week.

There will be some increase in coverage by air marshals and some undercover increases that people won't see, Napolitano said.

Federal authorities said they haven't received any specific threats heading into the big game, and they're hoping to to keep it that way.


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