What are your feelings about Super Bowl XLV being played in North Texas?

Perhaps you ve heard the saying, Everything is bigger in Texas, following Super Bowl XLV the sports world will soon know everything is done huge in Texas. People never expected this area to host a Super Bowl, but its real, its here.

Believe me I m being pulled in so many directions. Everybody want this and everybody want s that. Because I m in Dallas, I m on the Super Bowl Host Committee and I played for the Dallas Cowboys once upon a time, they think I ve got tickets, hotels and even restaurants.

Does it matter one way or the other who wins the game?

Having played here in Dallas for so many years, you know I m an NFC man. You know if it couldn t be Dallas in the big game, my heart is in Pittsburgh. When you re a kid growing up in Western Pennsylvania, that s all you know. You know steel and you know the Pittsburgh Steelers. When I was a kid, I wished I could wear the black and gold, but fortunately for me I ended up here in Dallas in silver and blue. The Steelers just happen to be my 1B team, the Cowboys are 1A.

What is your favorite Super Bowl memory?

Going to New Orleans to play in the Super Bowl as a rookie was simply awesome. The fact that one year earlier I played on that same field and won an NCAA National Championship Game simply compounds my feelings and emotions. Being in the Super Bowl a lot of times is a big blur, but winning the thing is forever embedded in your memories.

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