He may not look or act like one, but Cedar Hill quarterback Driphus Jackson is a realty TV show star. He and seven other high school quarterbacks were featured on an MTV show called The Ride. They competed for a spot in the Army All-American Bowl, an all-star game featuring the best players in the nation. Driphus won, and he will play in the game on January 8th.

I feel like, these are some of the cream-of-the-crop people in the nation, said Driphus. And if I was able to get through this, I can get through anything.

The prestige to play in the Army game is huge, said Cedar Hill head coach, Joey McGuire. He's going to be our first guy to play in it and were really excited and proud of him.

The TV show wasn't just for show -- Driphus actually got better as a quarterback. During the two weeks of filming over the summer, the quarterbacks worked with the show's coaches, including former Cowboys quarterback Rich Bartel.

He's my favorite guy, Bartel said in one of the episodes. DJ, I see as a legitimate quarterback prospect, I really do.

He's really used this to where it's going to prepare him more for college, added McGuire. If he tells you and I he's going to play in the pros, I'm going to believe him, because whatever he's told me he's going to do in the last six years, it's happened.

One thing Driphus learned from the show's coaches, he applied in the second game of the season.

I can give you one moment, said Driphus. (The coaches told me) when they're in man to man, any crossing route is fine, especially with the speed we have on our team. And we was playing Denton Guyer the first time -- they blitzed, and I knew everybody was out. I knew it was going to be man to man and the middle of the field was wide open, and I had a crossing route coming. So I just had to buy enough time for my receiver to make his move and go across the field.

Driphus has committed to play at Rice, and he will play quarterback. Other schools recruited him to play other positions, but after the first two games of the 2010 season, Driphus decided he's a quarterback.

The determining factor was in the Denton Guyer game, said Driphus, of the September 6th game played at Cowboys Stadium. See if I could lead my team to a victory, see if I could handle the adversity that came with the game and I feel likeI did.And at that moment after that game, I knew that I was going to be able to play quarterback at the next level.

He's won a realty show. Now Driphus will get a chance to win an all-star game on national TV.

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