A Dallas man has a picture-perfect smile, thanks to the generosity of a dentist, who watches News 8 Daybreak.

It's been over a year sinceNews 8interviewed a homeless man, who said his only wish for Christmas was teeth, and it just so happens, Dr. Lee Fitzgerald was watching that morning.

We met Mack Choice while visiting the Soup Mobile in Dallas. The nonprofit serves 600 meals a day to the homeless.

In Mack's case, they took him off the streets, found him a home and gave him a job.

Mack later said his only wish for Christmas was teeth.

I saw Mack's story that you aired and when David came into the office and we talked, he didn't have to ask twice, said Lee Fitzgerald, from the Fitzgerald Dental Center.

David Timothy is the soup man, who asked the dentist for help, knowing Mack needed new teeth for more than just aesthetics.

Dr. Fitzgerald did $60,000 worth of dental work for free.

He had some pretty interesting things going on. It was pretty extensive, he said.

One year later Mack is a new man.

Mack is also grateful he can eat again and not have to gum or swallow his food.

He's especially thankful for Dr. Fitzgerald.

He saved my life, he said.

It's interesting when I hear him talk because he'll say 'why me?' And I'll say 'why not you?' said Dr. Fitzgerald.

I just keep looking back and thinking about how fortunate, blessed, that out of everybody it's me, said Mack.

For his generosity and kindness we name Dr. Fitzgerald today's Our Neighbor.


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