Q: For goodness sakes, please get a current Texas map when you do your weather warnings. Tonight on Channel 8 news and weather at 5:30 p.m., your weatherman was warning the people of Buffalo, Texas to take cover because an expected severe storm was expected to hit Buffalo at approx 6:07 p.m., I believe. Your map showed Buffalo being northeast of Corsicana, however if you will check a current Texas road map, I believe you will find that Buffalo is located approx 60-70 miles south of Corsicana. In fact, it is located at the intersection of I-45 and Highway 79. Providing bad information is almost as bad as not providing any informatio0n at all. Take your weatherman to a Texas history class at a local university or community college.


A: Thank you for your email. Our weather producer, Adam Wilburn, read your comments and asked to address it with the following information:
You are right: there is a Buffalo, Texas south of Corsicana. However there are also three more towns named Buffalo (one of which is in Henderson County). Here are two links that will demonstrate the point: one from the National Weather Service, and another from Google maps showing their locations. Our radar database lists most every town in the state so that any community in the path of a storm can be identified and warned. There are many towns/communities in Texas with the same name (two towns named Palestine, nine towns named Antioch, etc.). I hope this clears up any confusion.

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Thank you again for your comments, David. We are grateful you provided the comments and an opportunity to respond.

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