DALLAS - As most parents knows, the tween years can sometimes be challenging. Your child is almost a teenager, but they're not yet quite there. Sometimes the kids are caught in what can be a tough transition.

Now, there is a program at Carolyn G. Bukhair Elementary School, which is in theRichardson Independent School District, that is focused on the tween years. That time is when the kids are transitioning out of elementary school and into junior high and entering their teenage years. The goal is to help build self-esteem and character as the students deals with the challenges of almost being a teenager.

The program serves 15 boys and 15 girls that meet in separate groups.

They have different topics to go to, said Jennifer Carranza, a PACE site coordinator. Like, the boys can be facing bullying and they may not know how to explain that in front of the girls, and the girls might be facing something different. Once they all meet separately, we actually have a boy and girl teacher too so they can feel comfortable talking to them.

In addition to being mentored by their group leaders, the kids also mentor younger students that take part in the after school program.

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