DALLAS - Police spent hours searching downtown Dallas last night for what they thought were two tigers on the loose near Union Station.

Dallas police confirm a 911 call came in about two tigers on the prowl.

Police say Union Station security made the call, after numerous DART riders told them what they'd seen.

There were two large cat-animals that were running around the DART train station last night, said Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse from Dallas Police.

Thetiger-like animals were described as being knee-high in height and weighing about 50 pound each.

They were first seen at Union Station, then they ran off up Houston Street, heading for Dealey Plaza.

The animals did not escape from the Dallas Zoo. Zoo keepers found all four of their adult tigers accounted for.

The tigers at the zoo weigh approximately 300 pounds each.

The zoo offered experts to help with the search.

We contacted the police this morning and told them we had expertise on staff here, and if there really is a tiger out there, then we would be more than willing to offer our help, said Lynn Kramer from the Dallas Zoo.

We had people out there saying they were definitely small tigers but for a city-dweller, who has never seen a bobcat before, that could possibly look like a tiger. We took it seriously, we searched the area for the public's safety, said Janse.

Police started their search, equipped with rifles and flashlights, within six minutes of getting the phone call from Union Station.

They sent up a helicopter to scan nearby streets but there was no sign of the animals.

Police said as nobody in the community reported missing their tigers this morning, they are now closing the case.

Theysay based on the size of what people saw, the animals were probably bobcats.

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