LANCASTER There are new developments in Sunday's deadly shootings at a Lancaster apartment complex.

News 8 has learned that David Brown Jr. the son of the Dallas police chief who allegedly killed a Lancaster police officer and another man had previous run-ins with law enforcement before he was killed by police Sunday evening.

The way police responded to those incidents is now being questioned.

There were two violent incidents involving David Brown Jr., including one just hours before Sunday evening's fatal attack.

Lancaster police had been called to Brown's apartment on Sunday morning. According to documents obtained by News 8, Misty Conaway, Brown's girlfriend, called 911 at 10:20 a.m. saying he was having a psychotic breakdown...

She told dispatchers that Brown had thrown her and her two young children out of the apartment. A recording of the dispatch to officers responding to the call said: There is a gun inside the apartment... she thinks she has hidden it from the male... the male has violent tendencies.

To deal with the problem, police said they took Conaway and her children to the police department. Officers also met with Brown at his apartment to make sure there were no children inside.

They alleviated the threat of violence by removing the three individuals from the scene, said Lancaster police spokesman Lt. Kelly Hooten. At that tmie, that's about all we could do.

David Brown Jr. was already on police radar. Last month, officers were summoned to Lancaster Elementary School, where Conaway's 10-year-old son said he had been punched in the face by Brown at his apartment.

According to a police report, Brown hit him in the face with a closed fist, causing swelling and bruising to his left eye.

Brown was never arrested or taken into custody for that incident, but a criminal complaint was filed.

In the first case, there was something done; a case was filed against him, Hooten said. In the second case, you had no criminal offense, and unfortunately, in some cases we can't put people in jail for red flags.

Lancaster police said they did not give any preferential treatment to Brown because he was the son of Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

A spokesman said Lancaster officers were unaware of that connection when they responded to the incidents.


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