DALLAS - One race in Tuesday's primary is worth highlighting. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

A bit of a miracle took place during the voting. Even though Rep. Terri Hodge was a convicted felon and ineligible to serve, she was still on the ballot. Some of the old South Dallas guard still wanted her to win. They made phone calls and encouraged voters to support her. Some even spread talk that residents might lose their homes if the other candidate in the primary, Eric Johnson, won.

Johnson was born in Dallas and raised in the district, but they called him the outsider.

With the exception of Dallas South blogger Shawn Williams, political insiders expected Hodge to win and her replacement to be picked by Democratic party precinct chairs. Tuesday's winner would go on to Austin because no Republican was running.

But, lo and behold, the voters of District 100 spoke with a loud and clear voice, rejecting the Hodge supporters and giving a victory to Johnson.

They like Johnson, a Harvard and University of Pennsylvania educated attorney who came home to offer his services to the district.

His opponents claimed he's just carrying water for developers and business interests outside District 100. Maybe, but after decades of fighting to get the right to vote in fair numbers, the plan to circumvent the political process and allow a small group of political operatives to decide who should speak for the district in Austin didn't pass the smell test.

It's the kind of politics as usual most voters want to leave behind, and Tuesday- at least in one race - they did.

My thoughts, tell me yours.


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