Twins rule in the Lewis household.

Brian and Kelsey Lewis are the proud parents of two sets of identical twin boys - Samuel Lee, Joshua Lee, Nathaniel and Elijah. The sets of twins were concieved without fertility drugs and born just 13 months apart.

The odds of the double-double trouble is somewhere between one in 11 million to one in 35 million, depending on the source. The chance of winning the lottery is only about one in 2 million.

"Oh yea, we've won," Mr. Lewis said. "We won twice. We've won the lottery two times."

What's more, the boys show signs of being mirror image twins - meaning one might be left handed and the other right and there are birth marks on opposite sides of their bodies.

"Even some of the doctors say it's just so rare," Mr. Lewis said. "There's not even studies that have been done to get the stats on it."

The Lewis family said they are open to astronomical luck.

"Yea, we're going to try for another set," Mr. Lewis said. "We're serious. We think thee would be pretty awesome."

"Maybe girls next time," Mrs. Lewis said.


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