I hate to say it but My Life In Ruins is so poorly made, it's a bit shocking.

The likeable Nia Vardalos plays Georgia, a Greek tour guide, cynical, unlucky in love and with a poor work record. On one trip her group seems especially high maintenance.

The group consists of every type of tourist cliche, including Oscar-winner Richard Dreyfuss as a smart aleck senior with a touch of sadness. Georgia also becomes friends with her ragged, fake-bearded, bus driver and, gee, do you think they might have potential for romance?

My Life In Ruins is directed with a heavy-hand by Donald Petri. He directed Miss Congeniality. His movie is so poorly written, so dumbed down and cliche, it wouldn't play well at 3 a.m. on the Lifetime Network. Even the Greek countryside seems smoggy and unattractive, and the bus driver shaved his beard.

I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but that's an Oscar-contender compared to this painfully bad film. I also like Nia Vardalos, but she didn't write this awkward film, and it just doesn't work.


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