Iwas reading Bill Simmons' column yesterday, and he brought up Dirk's December injury:

Dirk was headed for the finest season of his career until Carl Landry mistakenly tried to eat his right elbow.

Funny line. As you know, Landry and Nowitzki collided in that game, and two of Landry's teeth were embedded in Dirk's elbow. He played only 10 minutes in the loss to Houston, and then sat out the next game against Cleveland (a win).

It made me wonder just how much Dirk's production really had slilpped since that game on December 18th. Here's the breakdown:

BC(Before Chomp): 26.9 points on 47.6%shooting, 8.3 rebounds, 38.7 minutes (Mavs go 19-7 in the 26 games before the injury)

AC(After Chomp):23.2 points on 47.1%shooting, 7.4 rebounds, 37.7 minutes(Mavs are 13-13 since Dirk's return).

He's averaging nearly four points fewer than he wasbefore the Chomp, but his shooting percentage is virtually the same(withtwo more made baskets over the last 26 games -with the same amount of attemps- Dirk would be shooting the same percentage as he did pre-Chomp). So to be honest, I don't know what to make of that. He's shooting less, but why?

Also worth nothing, Dirk's career high in scoring is 26.6 per game, so he was on pace to surpass that before the injury.

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