DALLAS ― From his bed at a rehab center, Jared Williams gave a message to his friends at Pinkston High.

I love you guys, everybody at Pinkston High School, he said in a News 8 report.

But the message in the story moved more than his class. It touched the hearts of firefighters at Dallas Fire Rescue Station 49.

Well, that was it ... tears started coming to my eyes, and I said we got to do something, said Capt. Don Harris of Dallas Fire Rescue Station 49.

Every firefighter, on every shift was on board to help Pinkston High with its donation drive called Project 24. It's trying to raise 24 cents from every person in DISD to build a new home for the paralyzed teen. Twenty four is Jared's football jersey number.

The fire station decided to hand over a $1,000 grant check it received from Wal-Mart Stores Inc., in August.

I asked Wal-mart, and they said it was your money do what you want with it, deposit it and give them the check, but we don't have a fund to do that, Harris said.

Wal-mart can't re-issue the check. Harris even tried to go through city hall.

Everyone has procedures they have to go through, and it's a lot of red tape, he said.

The city told Harris it's working on his request. News 8 called Wal-mart, but so far no response.

Over at Jazzy's Entertainment and Restaurant this weekend, Jared's mom mingled at another fundraiser in honor of her son.

We told her about fire station 49s donation roadblock.

Continue to try, and if it doesn't' happen, their prayers is what helps the most, said Arleena Williams, Jared's mother.

More than money, she wants her one and only prayer answered.

The house is wonderful, but for him to walk again, it's the best Christmas present a mother could ever have, she said.

Prayers fire station 49 will offer up, but it still won't give up on its donation.

It's gonna get there, Harris said of the money. The right thing is going to happen.

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