A friend of three teenagers charged with killing a Roanoke mother told police about an elaborate plan to steal a gun, get a car and go to Canada, according to police documents released Tuesday.

The friend said one of those involved in the plan was Jennifer Bailey, 17, who has been charged with capital murder in the death of her mother, Susan Bailey. Ms. Bailey was found fatally stabbed at her home Sept. 28.

Jennifer Bailey is being held without bail in the Denton County Jail. Her 16-year-old boyfriend and 14-year-old brother have also been charged in the killing and are being held in the Denton County Juvenile Detention Center.

The three teenagers were taken into custody Sept. 28 in Yankton, S.D. They had been driving a car registered to Ms. Bailey.

While trying to sort out the events that led to Ms. Bailey's killing, Roanoke police searched a locker at Medlin Middle School in Trophy Club that belonged to a student who had been disciplined for bringing a knife to school Sept. 22. The name of the student was concealed in the search warrant, but the document indicates he was one of the boys found in South Dakota. The friend who detailed the plan to travel to Canada has been accused of assaulting her own mother with a knife and demanding her money, car and cellphone. She has been charged with aggravated robbery.

When questioned by police after Ms. Bailey's death, the friend, a Fort Worth teenager who has not been charged in the slaying, told them, "The plan was in motion."

Police had been to Ms. Bailey's house before her slaying to search for her daughter's boyfriend after he had been reported missing. At that time police found a large butcher knife between the cushions of a couch and ammunition and a magazine for a .22-caliber gun that had been reported missing by the boy's father.

They also found a note, which appeared to have been written by Jennifer Bailey, discussing plans for the trip to Canada.

After Ms. Bailey's body was found, police searched the boyfriend's home and seized a demonic bible, computer and various papers.

During their investigation, Roanoke police learned that Jennifer Bailey and her boyfriend had made a posting on an Internet site "that allows users to register their wedding in the virtual world." The posting was dated Aug. 19.

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