FORT WORTH Kyle Conley said the wake-up call came just before 2 a.m. Sunday.

'My dog started barking and going real crazy at the back door,' he said.

Outside, he saw Fort Worth police around his next-door neighbor's house. He knew the two men who lived there.

'We're very close-knit here,' Conley said. 'We keep in touch with each other.'

Speaking with detectives, Conley was notified that his neighbors in the 2900 block of Cortez Drive in Fort Worth had been the victims of a violent burglary.

His 83-year-old neighbor was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. His 56-year-old neighbor was dead.

'I hate that my neighbor is gone now,' Conley said. 'I hate that he has passed.'

Investigators didn't have to look far to find a suspect.

'As initial officers were securing the scene, additional assist officers canvassed the area and found a suspect a 29-year-old Hispanic male in a vehicle parked near the residence,' said Fort Worth police spokesman Sgt. Raymond Bush.

The suspect was somehow seriously wounded, too. And Conley said as medics arrived, he noticed something unusual about the man.

'They had to put a gown on him... he had no clothes on. I can't answer you as to why,' Conley said.

Investigators are now trying to figure out exactly what happened. So is Kyle Conley.

'It's just sad, and I'm in shock,' he said.

As of Sunday evening, police had not released the names of the victims of the burglary suspect.


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