LAKE WHITNEY Recent heavy rains washed out the main bridge in and out of the White Bluff development at Lake Whitney.

It's the same neighborhood that made international news earlier this month after a home on a cliff began falling into the lake and had to be set on fire to protect the public.

Losing the bridge is an inconvenience for the hundreds of people who live here. As a detour, White Bluff Resort opened two gates that spill out onto little-used Ranch Road 1145, which was a muddy mess all morning.

The bridge on the main road through the development is damaged and impassable. There's a hole in the bridge, and heavy equipment is being used to keep drivers away.

'More than anything else, it's just a major inconvenience,' said one White Bluff resident. 'It will be a while before that bridge gets rebuilt.'

Hill County Commissioner Danny Bodeker (who is also a White Bluff resident) said when the mud dries up, the county will bring in gravel to shore up the county road.

'My responsibility is to make sure this road is passable,' he said. 'It's pretty torn up now, but as soon as it dries up, we'll get it back in order.'

Perhaps that will be enough to keep the White Bluff development out of the spotlight after making more than its share of news.

The general manager of White Bluff did not respond to our request for comment, but the County Commissioner said the resort was already in the process of getting bids to replace the bridge a process now that will likely be on the fast track.


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