DALLAS Trash collection along Haymeadow Circle in North Dallas has taken on a whole new meaning.

'We just want a fair shot at having a clean neighborhood,' said homeowner Dana Drobycki.

Garbage constantly collects in bushes, in the street, in yards and courtyards, said resident Andy Abberra. 'It just funnels here. How can you possibly live here?'

Drobycki said she and her neighbors pick it up daily. 'It's another chore to add to doing the dishes and folding the laundry.'

But it keeps coming.

I did some trash digging and found the heap hails from several stores and eateries, but most of it originated from El Rancho Supermarket. There's a location just upwind from the neighborhood.

I found a multitude of receipts from the past week; cups; produce sacks; store bags; and many current El Rancho fliers advertising this week's store deals.

Residents said they've appealed to the store and the city to help curb the litter problem, but that like so much flying garbage, they've been left blowing in the breeze.

'Who is going to do something about it?' Drobycki asked. 'The city is not. The grocery is not. I'm calling our councilman and just goes to voice mails. Who else are we going to go to? Who gets stuff done in this town?'

Drobycki clicked on We Hear Ya at and sent video of the garbage strewn around her street. I tried repeatedly to get resolution to her issue from El Rancho headquarters in Garland.

When no one there responded, I called on the neighborhood's City Council representative, Lee Kleinman, and got a swift response.

His staff told me they will go to the neighborhood to see the problem first-hand and develop solutions. They also report that Kleinman has directed code compliance to immediately take the issue up with store management.

We'll stay on top of the situation and see if the problem gets resolved.


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