DALLAS When Peter Fitch exited Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on Tuesday, he couldn't find his '76 Cadillac Coup deVille. His dog was inside, and he figured it was stolen.

He was visiting his sister, who just underwent a difficult surgery. But, as it turns out, the car was merely parked in an adjacent lot he simply lost it.

News 8 profiled Fitch and his lost dog Bixby on Tuesday. He said a viewer found the car and notified him. The Dallas Police Department was told of the debacle, but has since dropped the investigation.

'Anyway, I have my dog and my car back and I thank you very, very much for all your help,' he said to News 8's David Schechter.

The dog, which Fitch has had for the past six years, was safe and sound. Fitch said he's overjoyed to be reunited with his pet and the Cadillac but also very embarrassed by the mistake.


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