This being the third Monday of January, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, recognizing the contributions of the non-violent civil rights leader who would have been 85 years old.

It's a holiday, but a holiday that should include some introspection.

Martin Luther King was born into a world of segregation: Housing, schools, restaurants... segregation by race was everywhere, particularly south of what was once referred to as the 'Cotton Curtain.'

He and others of all races died trying to change that through non-violent means.

I've heard many a young person ignorant of where we were saying, 'We haven't come far... things haven't really changed.'

I say to each of them today: 'So what did you do with your King holiday?' For most, it's a day to shop... or relax... or have an extended weekend.

Monday was also the national Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service during which people are supposed to dedicate themselves to some service that betters their community in memory of Dr. King.

I suspect those same young people have likely forgotten that.

Now you know.

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