FORT WORTH -- Drought isn't good for many things, but construction is one of them.

In dry weather, work on the West 7th Street Bridge over the Trinity went so well, it should open to traffic the first week in October.

'We promised closure of no more than 150 days,' said TxDOT spokesman Val Lopez. 'It's going to turn out to be more in the 120-day range.'

Construction will take just four months for a brand new signature bridge connecting downtown to the cultural district.

Another reason it went so fast is that the concrete arches were poured nearby, then hauled into place.

'This is the world's first network arched pre-cast bridge,' Lopez said.

He said the contractor on the $26-million project stands to get nearly a $1 million bonus for finishing early.

Although the bridge is expected to open to traffic early next month, work will continue for another four-to-six weeks to complete the project. When it's finished, it will include pedestrian walkways, and lights shining up through shiny stainless steel cables beneath painted concrete arches.


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