MESQUITE Sunday afternoon at his home in Mesquite, we saw Alan Mason do something he hasn't done in nine days.


'I'm out of jail!' he exclaimed, grinning ear-to-ear. 'I've got a home-cooked meal; I don't have to eat any of that jail food; so I'm feeling good right now.'

Mason said he was released after 8 a.m. Sunday morning. By the afternoon, his grandmother, Shirley, had a favorite meal on the stove and football on TV.

It's a far cry from his cell in solitary confinement that was no bigger than his grandma's dining room.

Dallas police held Mason for more than a week on a DWI probation violation. But investigators and the Chief of Police called him 'a person of interest' in the Fair Park serial sexual assault case.

Late Thursday, officers cleared his name, saying Mason had no part in the attacks, something Mason's mother Angela Murray knew all along.

'I would have given my whole life that my son was not the rapist,' she said. 'I would have given my life, because I know what kind of child he is.'

Mason is someone who relied on faith and strangers to get through.

'Some of the inmates were also in solitary confinement, but we could speak to each other through vents, so there were a lot of Bible verses they brought to my attention,' he said. 'That kind of made me feel better.'

Now that Alan Mason is back home, the next question is: Will he sue the Dallas Police Department?

'I don't have an attorney at the moment, so I'd rather not comment,' he said.

At this point, Mason said he'd rather focus on his daughter, returning to work, and his grandma's cooking.

After the nine days he's had, all he wants are the comforts of home.


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