On Wednesday, more than five months after Eddie Ray Routh allegedly murdered former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and another man, he was indicted by an Erath County grand jury.

Kyle and a friend, Chad Littlefield, had taken Routh to a gun range for lessons on February 2 when Routh allegedly shot them and left both for dead.

Police said Routh, 25, then stole Kyle's pickup truck. He was captured hours later in Lancaster.

At the time, the former Marine was arraigned on one count of capital murder and two counts of murder. Investigators said he admitted to the killings and bond was set at $3 million.

Routh's defense attorney, Warren St. John, told News 8 that grand jurors indicted Routh on one count of capital murder; two killings made it a capital case.

Why has it taken almost six months? Investigators and prosecutors have been building a case, digging into Routh's background and his mental history.

Routh's mother told News 8 he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and that she had reached out to Kyle to help her son get better.

Since his stay in jail, Routh has been on suicide watch, and had to be restrained for violent outbursts.

The indictment late Wednesday afternoon now starts a series of hearings, and a trial date will be set in the coming weeks, but the timetable is not yet clear.


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