DALLAS After months of delays and weeks of uncertainty, the City of Dallas announced Monday that the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge will finally open to traffic later this week.

Traffic will start flowing Thursday evening on the city's signature span linking downtown with West Dallas, but not all possible crossing combinations will be available on March 29.

The city said the bridge will be opened in four initial phases over a 24-hour period so that the Texas Department of Transportation can ensure that traffic flows safely:

  1. Eastbound Singleton Boulevard to Woodall Rodgers Freeway or Interstate 35E northbound.
  2. Westbound Woodall Rodgers to Beckley Avenue or Singleton Boulevard.
  3. Southbound I-35E to westbound Singleton or Beckley.
  4. Southbound Riverfront Boulevard to Singleton or Beckley.

Two additional traffic combinations will open at a later and unspecified date because construction work is not yet complete:

  • Eastbound from the Hill Bridge to Riverfront Boulevard.
  • Westbound from Woodall Rodgers to Riverfront.
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