There is no doubt that 23-year-old online-fashion editor Lauren Scruggs is beautiful on the outside.

Her parents say her reaction looking in a mirror for the first time after her terrible accident, said something about her inner beauty.

And she looked at it and said, 'That's not that bad.' said Jeff Scruggs.

She was feeling her head, said Cheryl, Lauren s mother. And she said, 'Did they shave my head?' And we said yes. And she said, 'Why didn't they just shave the rest of it and we can start all over?'

Scruggs was injured after walking into the spinning blades of an airplane propeller Saturday night, after an aerial tour of North Texas Christmas lights.

Her father explained how she looks now.

She looks beautiful to me, said Jeff Scruggs, Lauren s father. You know you can just imagine, she has staples in her head and half her head is shaved. But she is still gorgeous and she still has her beautiful smile.

The Scruggs said the progress their daughter is making is encouraging.

She knows now that she lost her left hand, but has no recollection of the accident itself.

Paramedics said the fact that she is making fast progress is nothing short of miraculous.

Her parents agree.

She's walking, she's got her spunk back, Jeff said. Her personality. She's smiling. she's able to raise both eyebrows. that doesn't sound like a big deal but they were worried about he nerve on one side and she's able to do that so we're so grateful for all of that.

Doctors credit her terrific physical condition before the accident for a much faster than expected physical recovery.

Lauren still has a very long recovery. She may still lose her left eye. She's at high risk of infection. And, damage to her brain isn't yet clear.

But everyone close to Lauren Scruggs says she is clearly a fighter.

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