FORT WORTH It was a picture perfect, peaceful afternoon in a Fort Worth neighborhood just west of downtown.

Then, suddenly, came a crack and a roar.

The tree split, Scott Jackson explained. Half of it was on this side, on the other half about 30 minutes later on the car.

It was Gus Matero's car.

All I was doing was sleeping in my rocking chair, and then somebody came and told me my car is buried, he said.

This was one of at least 16 trees to lose the battle with wet, heavy snow in Fort Worth, creating dangerous situations that emergency crews hurried to handle before nightfall.

It's our live oaks that tend to be getting the brunt of it, and any other broadleaf trees like magnolias, explained Fort Worth arborist Melinda Adams. These leaves are capturing all that snow and weighing it down.

What starts out light and fluffy quickly becomes very heavy. One square foot of snow around a foot deep weighs about five pounds.

Oncor reported 70,000 customers were without power Thursday night, primarily due to snow-laden tree limbs collapsing on cables.

In South Fort Worth, the heavy snow destroyed tents designed to protect vehicles at Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet. Fortunately, the owner had moved the cars on Wednesday.

In Irving, four carports at an apartment complex gave way to the snow, sending it teetering to one side.

The same thing happened at a complex in Arlington, where residents rushed to scrape the snow away.

And in Coppell, a carport collapsed, damaging or trapping 11 cars.


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