DALLAS When Ann Marie Shambaugh signed up for the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon, she pictured a surge of athletes and a festive celebration, with thousands of onlookers cheering her on.

On Sunday, this was her reality: A handful of dedicated runners on a downtown Dallas street corner.

No colorful banners. No cheering crowds. No inspirational music. No helicopters hovering above.

That race was canceled because of the ice storm.

'I thought the roads might be okay by then; why not give it a try? I did months of training, and I wanted to make sure that it paid off,' Shambaugh said.

She was one of about two dozen dedicated joggers determined to run the icy course regardless of the weather.

They took part in the impromptu 2013 Icepocalypse Marathon.

'We will have support cars, but we're not going to have have a police escort; we're not going to have paramedics; so we want to make sure that everyone understands the risk,' said Jonathan Eisenzopf, who helped organize the unauthorized run on Facebook.

The group took on the challenge of running the icy streets after the official marathon was canceled Friday. They did make some last-minute route changes to avoid the worst of the roads.

'The trail around the lake is clear, there's some sketchy places on the M Streets, so we will have to go slow ... so we don't slip and fall,' Eisenzopf told fellow runners.

'It would have been a lot more difficult today had there been thousands of people out here,' Shambaugh added. 'Since there was just a few of us, we were able to easily navigate around the ice patches.'

At the end of this race there would be no T-shirt, no cheering crowds.

Just ice cold hands... and a day to remember.

'I am so glad I did,' Shambaugh said. 'It's a day I'll never forget.'

About 10 people finished the full 26.2 miles and 15 completed the half-marathon course.


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