DALLAS -- Oprah Winfrey is in North Texas to talk about being fatherless in America.

She says it's an epidemic.

So she joined up with Bishop T.D. Jakes to give a voice to the millions of kids without dads.

"I am here with MegaFest man himself, Bishop T.D. Jakes," she told the crowd.

Winfrey taped her Lifeclass for her OWN Network. When she took the stage with Jakes she said, "You do it big here in Dallas."

It's part of a series on growing up without a father.

"Because it's an epidemic, because one-out-of-three kids in America - and I'm not talking about black kids - I'm talking about one-out-of-three children in this country grow up now without a father," she said. "One of the best things I've heard is a fatherless child has a hole in his soul in the shape of their father."

There were emotional stories about children who felt unloved and alone after their fathers walked out of their lives. The goal for both Oprah and Jakes is to send a message for fathers to do better.

"What real fathers do is make deposits in which you can make withdrawals the rest of your life," Bishop Jakes said. "Oh, I love that, I love that."

The two megastars say MegaFest was the best place to bring this message. In an a brief one-on-one interview, News 8 asked Winfrey why she and Bishop Jakes are working so closely together.

"I interviewed Bishop for the [primetime show] Next Chapter, and I asked him what his purpose was, and he said, 'My purpose was to help other people to find their purpose,' as I began to share with here, there was a commonality between us. And I said, 'That's my purpose, too.'"

The show on Fatherless in America airs Sunday, Sept. 9 at 8 p.m. on Oprah's OWN Network.


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