Do you find that your cell phone runs out of power when you need it the most? It is an issue everyone with a smartphone has addressed at some point. The more you rely on your smartphone, the more juice is needed to make it function.

It is possible to extend the life of your battery.

First talk about what is draining your battery first.
You may be using apps that are draining your battery and you don t even know it.
Be careful of streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, Google-plus, Skype, Facetime. They use up your data and drain battery power. Apps like Facebook that are open on your phone and checking it regularly run down the battery power. Pandora is a favorite, but if it is constantly streaming, you are burning battery life.

NOW let s talk about shutting these battery drainers down

**On iPhones or iPads:
-Simply tap your home button twice. The running apps will appear at the bottom.
- Press and hold any of the apps and they will start to jiggle. When they jiggle, press the red minus sign and it will shut the app down.
**On Android phones:
-Very similar to iPhone directions. Press and hold the home button. The task manager will show you all the open apps. Either hit Remove all or swipe the app to the left. That will shut down the app.

Other tips to help save your battery's life
-Disable Bluetooth. Go into your settings and slide Bluetooth off
-Reduce the brightness of your screen. Again, go into your settings and lower the brightness. Enable the auto-brightness so the phone operates based on the lighting you are in. Auto set your screen to lock in one minute after non activity.
-Turn off Notifications. While it is great to get alerts, it is also burning battery power. Go into settings and turn them off.

There is a new little travel sized, but a powerful external battery charger that works with android and Apple phones. It is called the Jackery Mini.
It comes with a cord for Android users. You will need your charging cord with Apple products.
How does it work?
Charge the Jackery Mini up and then plug in your item. The blinking blue light lets you know it is charging your device.
It cost about $30 on Amazon. It is travel size for phones, tablets and other smartphones not mentioned here. The battery charger on the mini is up to 50 hours of extra operational time and weighs less than three ounces.
There are other chargers out there for each phone, but this one works for most devices.


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