FORT WORTH -- The mother of a high school student is waiting for her son to open his eyes again, and begging kids to stop the violence that put him in the hospital.

Students at O.D. Wyatt High School tell News 8 that a 15-year-old sophomore threw a punch in the cafeteria Thursday to defend himself.

Witnesses and police said the boy who was hit and another student, followed the sophomore outside and stomped him into unconsciousness.

I run over there. I see my brother on the ground getting stomped, said Deshawn Miller, friend of the victim. Stomped on his head in the middle of the road. The blood is over there.

Fort Worth police said a school resource officer struggled to pull the attackers off the victim and the officer was forced to taser both attackers as they kept kicking the unconscious boy.

Jveon Dorsey, known as JV, was rushed to a hospital.

I know he was kicked in the head, said Yolanda Johnson, Dorsey s mother. After being unconscious he was kicked in the face.

Dorsey's mother stood outside JPS hospital as her son remained unconscious, with bleeding on his brain.

He hasn't woken up yet, but he has given us some body movements, she said.

While police investigate this beating, district officials said they are also poring over You Tube videos brought to their attention by News 8.

Those videos also appeared to show violence at O.D. Wyatt High School.

Deshawn Miller's mother said there are already so many fights she withdrew her son Friday afternoon.

I know this is an ongoing thing, said Teresa Miller.  He's not going to get an education. He's going to end up dead or anything could happen to him.

Coincidentally, Jveon Dorsey's mother also removed her son from O.D. Wyatt late last year for the same reason.

This week, she sent him back. Now, she is urging her son's friends not to seek revenge.

I really need these kids to stop, Johnson said. Stop the violence, young kids. Go to class. Do what you need to do. Encourage one another. Stop trying to bring each other down.


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