Q: What is your favorite color?
A: I love the ocean and the sky, so blue!

Q: Are there photos of famous reporters from WFAA on the wall?
A: There is an entire history of Channel 8 with pictures on the wall in our welcoming lobby. There are a lot of neat black and white photos, and pictures of the past anchors and reporters, too.

Q: Who is your favorite sports athlete and why?
A: It s baseball season, so I ll say Josh Hamilton. I like what he stands for, and the message he shares throughout North Texas about second chances, and staying drug free. He s also HUGE in person. I reported from opening day, and he walked past me. I knew he d be big, but I didn t realize he would be that big!

Q: Are the widespread rumors that Gordon Keith is the father of your child true?
A: Hilarious. I said I d answer here goes! NO! Gordon is a friend, but not my baby s daddy!

Q: I want to say you're one of my favorite reporters. We've talked in the past when I needed contact info about a story; you were so helpful. I appreciate you in reporting the news which keeps us informed. wishing you continued success in your career.
A: Thanks, Wanda, I really appreciate your support!

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