ARLINGTON Two days after floodwaters tore through its halls, the cleanup continued at the Willows at Shady Valley condos in Arlington on Friday.

More than 100 units were damaged and 250 residents were displaced. It's estimated that 90 percent of them had no flood insurance.

Relief may still be a while away.

On Friday, the homeowners' association said it didn't have the money or the insurance to repair the damaged complex.

The HOA only has $15,000, and repair estimates are in the hundreds of thousands.

Arlington has issued an emergency declaration to help pave the way for state or federal assistance, but electricity can only be restored after the units have been fixed.

I just can't see us having all of those units repaired, said HOA president Don Jackson. I don't know where the money would come from.

The news was troubling for condo owners who are now debating whether to repair the inside of their homes.

David Frydenberg fears putting money into something without knowing if the complex will be saved. If your neighbor next door doesn't do it, or the guy next door doesn't do it if everybody doesn't do it, they're not going to turn the power back on, he said.

Arlington is working with residents who have been impacted by the flooding, offering dumpsters for trash, and eliminating fees for building permits.

But some City Council members said a city buyout of flooded properties is highly unlikely.

City officials and federal emergency officials have scheduled a meeting with Arlington flood victims on Monday.


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