NEW YORK - Oprah Winfrey calls him America's doctor.

Starting Tuesday, The Dr. Oz Show premieres on Channel 8. So what goes on behind the scenes of his hit show?

Backstage of studio 6A at 30 Rock, Dr. Oz tapes his second show of the day.

He is a veteran cardio-thoracic surgeon, professor and best-selling author.

The second season on The Dr. Oz Show begins with a renewed commitment and a sharper focus.

We realized after doing a whole year of programs that so many folks know what to do but they don't do it. And so we thought you know what? Let's do both together, let's keep the information the hero, keep it front and center. I think people love that a lot. I think the people of Dallas are really going to resonate to it, he said.

Dr. Oz and his TV team of 100 staffers say their mission is to help Americans take charge of their own health and wellness.

If you don't honor your body, the most valuable thing you've ever been given, then I'm not doing my job, he said.

He makes people feel smart, he doesn't talk down to people, he doesn't condescend. He's a power for good and he's a power for change and he loves all people. He is accepting of everybody and I think that's the relationship people want with their doctors, said executive producer, Mindy Borman.

In between shows, Dr. Oz gives us a peak at his dressing room, and what he packed for lunch. There's no junk food.

I practice what I preach, he said.

The goal for all of us is to let people know that you have the power to really affect your life and heart disease. He's a great teacher and he is a healer, said Borman.


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