INTERACTIVE MAP: Feral hogs have invaded this Southlake neighborhood

Swine in Southlake

SOUTHLAKE - They showed up for the first time last November - feral hogs as big as 200 pounds, leaving behind churned-up earth and irritated homeowners.

Southlake police hired wildlife experts to trap and remove the feral hogs. "They are cunning; they learn their way around the trap," said police Lt. Ben Brown.

But 32 captured hogs later, yards still show signs that the porcine predators are back for another another fall of foraging for food in front yards and city parks.

"They're harder to catch than people," Brown said.

Southlake police are working with a company to install motion-sensitive cameras in the neighborhood near Bob Jones Nature Center to determine the extent of the problem.

The town doesn't know how many hogs call the city home, but with an estimated statewide population of nearly two million, they know these unwanted visitors are well on their way to becoming unwanted residents.


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