MESQUITE After a two month battle, Mesquite school trustees decidedMonday nightto let a four-year-old student back in the classroom without cutting his hair.

But there's a catch.

Trustees told Taylor Pugh's parentstheirson can return to class with other students at Floyd Elementary School if his hair does not touch his collar. One way to do that would be to braid his hair and wear it flat against his head.

The district's hair policy for elementary school boys states that hair is to be out of the eyes, not extend below the bottom of the earlobes and cut so that it does not extend over the collar.

They're going to continue to discriminate against him even if I shave him bald, said Delton Pugh, Taylor's dad.

Since being kicked out of class, the boy has been getting his lessons from a tutor in the library.

Taylor's parents are not happy with the decision. They say their next step is to hire an attorney and fight the problem before commissioners.


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