GRANBURY Flooding was a major problem Sunday in parts of North Texas.

A homeowner shared dramatic video of the raging waters of the Brazos River from his front porch in Parker County, just north of Granbury.

The flooding was so bad near Granbury that the Hood County Sheriff's Office issued a Code Red alert. They asked everyone to stay in their homes in and off the roads because of flooding and water danger.

'We have no reports of any unaccounted residents,' said Hood County Fire Marshal Ray Wilson. 'Currently we've evacuated approximately four families consisting of 18 people from the Sun Chase Acres area.'

Quail Ridge Court is a road near the creek in Granbury that floods often, but residents say nothing like what happened this weekend. 'It's more rain than we've seen down in a while,' said James Lasley.

Quail Ridge Court flooded so badly it was a mini-roaring rapids. Only trucks dared navigate the swift water as it rushed over the pavement.

Neighbors on the other side of the road were either evacuated or left with a nasty cleanup. Residents even told News 8 of homes coming off their foundations.

Salty Copeland of Granbury was happy he didn't have to evacuate. 'It was all water all the way out to the ditch there,' he said, pointing to his flooded front yard. No water got into his home.

Copeland seemed a little more disturbed by the fact that he had just watered his lawn earlier that weekend.

There were pockets of flooding throughout the city. The parking lot of Cornerstone Christian Academy saw more than six inches of water.

'It looks like a lake now, doesn't it?' asked Joyce Evans.

In one area, the raging water tore through the track bed of a railroad line, leaving just the tracks to stand alone.

The Red Cross said it was notified earlier by emergency officials that it may need to launch an effort in Hood County. As of Sunday night, Red Cross officials said they have not yet been called to help.

Rainfall totals reported to WFAA as of 5 p.m. Sunday ranged from 4.93 inches in Granbury to 1.3 inches in Hillsboro, 1.07 inches in Fort Worth and 0.76 inches in Dallas.

A lot of rain came down in part of Fort Worth, too, where reports of high water started coming in at Green Oaks Road along Interstate 30.

Police had to divert traffic in the area just before lunchtime.


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