Last week, the Dallas police chief started talking openly about doing more with less. And that, in the long run, is not a good thing.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Dallas has something like 3,500 officers, and to keep that number level each year, we're told the city needs to hire about 200.

The plan next year was to hire 220, but by shifting desk personnel and using new technology, Police Chief David Brown told the City Council last week the city would be fine hiring only 165 officers next year.

That could save just over $750,000.

The crime numbers do look good compared to past years, but now is not the time to cut back on support for public safety.

Now is the time make the city even safer, sending a message to criminals: 'Ply your trade somewhere else.'

And by the way, if we are so safe, why is it that the week after the talk of saving money by hiring fewer officers is announced, plans were unveiled for city council members to take active shooter training and to learn to protect themselves in council chambers from a threat?

The fundamental purpose of government is to assure the security of its citizens and their property. To create an environment for families to grow and prosper.

Now that crime and criminals have been pushed back, according to official statistics, police officers need more help to do that -- not less.

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