DALLAS Police said they had to come to the rescue of a woman who said she was being choked by her boyfriend while they were driving down a Dallas street on Sunday afternoon.

The alleged victim who asked that we not identify her said Ray Herron, 58, got angry and attacked her.

'All of a sudden he just grabbed me started choking me,' the woman said. 'I was just screaming, 'Help me!' and telling him to turn me loose, and he wouldn't turn me loose.'

The couple's vehicle was swerving in and out of traffic on Grand Avenue; the woman's one-year-old great grandson was in the back seat of the vehicle.

Other drivers called 911. But even after officers arrived, the violence did not end.

'The police officer just kept telling him, 'Turn her loose... turn her loose,' and he just wouldn't, and he said, 'I am going to Taser you,'' the woman said.

The officer ending up having to use his stun gun to stop Ray Herron.

The woman told News 8 she was friends with and worked with Deanna Cook, whose murder in August 2012 was captured in a chilling 911 call, and brought about big changes in the city's emergency response system.

'I saw [Cook] the day before [her death]. I told her, 'I'll see you tomorrow,' and I never saw her again, and [Herron] brought her into it and said, 'You are going to die just like that [expletive] Deanna Cook.''

The victim in Sunday's incident said she has tried to break away from Herron, even having to put up a cage with bars around her home the last time he tried to choke her.

She fears the next time, police may not be there to save her.

Herron has been jailed and charged with aggravated assault and child endangerment. He has a long criminal history.


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