GARLAND --The number of water fatalities in Texas lakes or pools is staggering, and the state's Parks and Wildlife Department is hoping to do something about it.

They have released a new Public Service Announcement video they hope will provide some kind of shock value to wake folks up.

Three different families are featured in the video, sharing gut-wrenchingstories about how they lost their friends -- even their children -- to drownings.

Dana Gauge, who launched the LV Project in honor of her 15-year-old son Connor, says a life jacket could have saved his life. She is now pushing to make them mandatory.

According to the LV Project, drowning is the second-leading cause of death for kids 14 and under. In84 percent of all fatal boating accidents, the victim was not wearing a life vest.

The survivors News 8 spoke with don't want to see a drowning happen, and they're hoping this video will help. It will now be mandatory to watch the video in all driver's ed courses statewide.

Watch the PSA on YouTube below:

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